Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29


Some items in the Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29 Collection:

The gold leaf mine on the Swauk near Williams Creek and owned by Seaton Bros. looks very promising. S.T. Packwood is touring the East to report on the mineral resources of the upper county.
Settlement is reported being held up by delays in surveying and land speculators. Reports on the droughts and crop failures in the Midwest are encouraging farmers to move to Washington.
The Grand Entre mine located near South Cle Elum is reported to contain one of the richest deposits of ore. Quantity is practically inexhaustible.
A canal was proposed to connect Cle Elum with Lake Cle Elum. Generation of power as a well as a reliable water supply would insure economic development. Several industries are listed.
Seaton Bros are reported to be getting ready for their drive . 1,500,00 board feet are ready. E. H. Evens is negotiating sale of his sawmill to W. F. Zeek who will move it to Cle Elum.