Rufus Woods Photographs


The Rufus Woods Photograph Collection contains photographic prints and negatives of the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State prior to, during and after construction. The photographs visually document the construction of the dam, the conditions in the Columbia River Basin throughout construction and the introduction of irrigation in north central Washington State. For a more complete description and inventory of the Rufus Woods Papers please refer to the following page in our Archives web space

Some items in the Rufus Woods Photographs Collection:

Rufus Woods Photograph Collection, 1896-001 Mr. & Mrs. Hans Lange in buggy. Hans Lange was one of the first three homesteaders in the Grand Coulee arriving in 1883. Mrs. Lange was the first white woman to live in the region.
Rufus Woods Photograph Collection, 1928-001 Rufus Woods and Charles R. [Burky] at the United States Bureau of Reclaimation in Denver, Colorado.
Rufus Woods Photograph Collection, 1931-001 Congressional Committee on Irrigation & Reclamation, Wenatchee, Washington.
Rufus Woods Photograph Collection, 1931-002 Congressional Committee on Irrigation & Reclamation, and wives, Wenatchee, Washington
Rufus Woods Photograph Collection, 1933-001 Committee of the Columbia River Development League