1977 Women's Conference


Fueled by the popularity of United Nations’ 1975 International Women’s Year conferences, the U.S. Government funded a national conference and statewide meetings for women in 1977. Each state elected national delegates and voted on resolutions that were to be debated at the National Conference held in Houston, Texas, resulting in a National Plan of Action. Conference attendees discussed a wide variety of women’s issues, including education, equal rights, their role in the workforce and childcare. The Washington State Women's Conference was held in Ellensburg and hosted by the Central Washington State College Women's Center. The 1977 Washington State Women’s Conference & Related Materials Digital Collection is an artificial collection culled from multiple collections housed in the Central Washington University Archives and Special Collections. The collection (through public records, newspaper clippings, office files, video and scrapbook images) provides a sense of the excitement and disappointment felt by the women who planned and attended the 1977 Washington State Conference for Women. It also includes ephemera from the 1975 Berlin IWY Conference, at which noted political science author and former CWU professor, Dr. Usha Mahajani, attended as a delegate from India. Central Washington University women clearly impacted the IWY agenda—both locally and globally.

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RG 061-06-49 C.H.A.M.P. Miscellaneous Files; Women’s Center 1975-1989 (Box 1 of 2) Women’s Conference Newspaper Clippings 1977 (Box 1 of 2) Scrapbook, 1976 (Box 2 of 2)

RG 027-06-61 University Relations Office—Newspaper clippings & Press Releases; Washington State Conference for Women 1977 (Box 17 of 17)

RG 042-06-66 Political Science Department—Usha Mahajani Papers; World Congress for International Woman’s Year—Berlin 1975 (Box 16 of 19)

WaW900R24 Recommendations of the Washington State International Women’s Year

VT-4257 Equal Rights Legislation: What Does it Mean?

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Some items in the 1977 Women's Conference Collection:

[19750109_YHR1] Women's Center Is Now a Year Old An article listing the accomplishments of the Central Washington State College Women's Center a year after its creation in 1974. Director Alice Yee reflects on the different issues that the Women's Center has addressed over the year, as well as the…
[19750116_YHR1] Adult Women, An Emerging Force An article describing Central Washington State College's Women Center Director Alice Yee's viewpoint on the growing population of independant adult women, and how the Women's Center addresses the issues that are important to this population.
[19750117_DR1] Help for Every Woman: Center's Goal Outlined The article discusses the newly formed Women's Center located on the campus of Central Washington State college in Ellensburg, Washington. The first director of the Center, Alice Yee, coordinated the arrangements of the 1977 Washington State…
[19770000_DR2] Yee to Plan Women's Meeting An article announcing Alice Yee's appointment as a staff member of a planning committee for the Washington State Women's Conference, held in Ellensburg. This article includes the basic premise of the projected conference, and the national conference…
[19770100_YHR1] State Meet for Women Planned An article outlining the plans of the Washington State Conference for Women, held July 8-10 on the campus of the Central Washington State College in Ellensburg. Alice Yee, the director of Central's women Center, worked on the local planning…