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The appearance in Roslyn of Norris and Rowe's Big Show is looked forward to.
Modern Woodmen of America will entertain on the 25th of July. On May 30, 1903 Modern Woodmen met in Ellensburg. M.C. Miller and William Crone attended and M.C. Miller won a log rolling contest. July meeting in Cle Elum is the first ever.
The 100 yard foot race between Tom Booth of Roslyn and J.W. Walker of Cle Elum last Saturday (or possibly Sunday) afternoon drew a large crowd from both towns. Considerable interest was taken and several hundred dollars changed hands.
J.C. Brown has made arrangements to put on a stage line from Cle Elum to Fish Lake for the convenience of miners, tourists, fishing, and camping parties.
T. Roosevelt's train stopped in Cle Elum and was greeted by 4,000 people. President spoke for 5 minutes to the crowd.
The Cascade Lumber Co. have commenced work on damming Lake Kachelas at the head of Yakima River to hold a water right and retain water for irrigation and log driving.
Another shooting between boys at the merry-go-round is reported. The idea of boys between 15 and 20 carrying pistols is preposterous.
Water pipe is being laid.
Coal bores show coal within half a mile of the center of town. A company with $50,000 capital and the cash in the bank owns the property.
The Cascade Lumber Co.'s log drive is about 5 miles below Teanaway with a good head of water. The drive on the Yakima, west of Cle Elum, will commence as soon as the water stage warrants.
A branch of the W.C.T.U. has been organized here by Mrs. Anna Bush of Tacoma and starts off with eleven members.
The Sure Thing Mining Co. is headed by George W. Daines. Its reported that a railroad has been built to the claim sites. Road appears to be build on Leavenworth side. Talk about being a wagon road from Roslyn is being pushed.
Bedare Bros. are erecting a saw mill at Nelson Siding with a capacity of 40,000 feet per day. Cascade Lumber Co. have their drive on the Teanaway completed.
A temperance alliance was formed in Cle Elum last week with W.C. Pearson as president and Mrs. Vetter as secretary.
The Cle Elum Sportsman have decided to form a gun club for a weekly shoot. Interested parties to meet at the Haines and Spratt store.
Don't fail to see the Thorp Theatrical Troupe in East Lynne at Thomas Bros. Hall Saturday.
Mrs. Christiana L. McDonald was 84. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1819. She remembers her mother talking about George Washington. Her mother knew him. Her father lived to be 115 years old.
Easton reports that roads are impassible and ranchers are compelled to walk into town.
Paper editorializes the need for a gravity water system rather than a pumping system on economic grounds.
J.A. Balmer provides the following snow statistics. Snow fall was 119.5 inches. First fall was 4 inches on November 4th. First to remain was 12 inches on December 3rd. Greatest depth at one time was 33 inches on December 24th. Last day of…