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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Cascade Lumber Co. in North Yakima will produce fruit boxes and will require timber from Cle Elum area. (Same entry as June 25, 1902).
4th of July events are listed. Among these are shooting match, bowery dance, Indian horse race, and fireworks.
Easton will soon be enabled to boast of having one of the best ball teams between Nelson and Martin with Hiram S. Pelton as manager. Names of team members follow.
Eddie Kyer, champion lightweight of Easton, was knocked out by Old Yellowstone in the 15th round. Was a 20 round contest.
The Cle Elum box factory shipped a car load of box material over to Puyalup.
Simon Justham, Roslyn, received two fine skunk hides from Seattle that he had sent there to be tanned.
B.F. Bush succeeded John Kangley in 1986 as general manager of the N.W.I. Co. in Roslyn. Roslyn mines produced 100,000 tons in May. From 500 to 600 men will be employed in the Cle Elum mines soon.
A soda water factory is reported to be near completion in Cle Elum.
Cascade Lumber Co. in North Yakima will produce fruit boxes and will require timber from Cle Elum area.
Leslie Reinosky was tried in Justice Stafford's court for breaking the fence belonging to Mr. Badere.
Last week a $120 nugget was found on the Cedar Valley Mining Co. property. $500 worth of gold dust was also cleaned up in the same day.
The dance given by the girls basketball club last Saturday was a success.
Order of Washington organized about a year ago. It’s a secret society.
Girls basketball club will give dance at Thomas Bros. Hall.
Thos. L. Gamble has laid pipes to a flow of natural gas from his house. Its using the gas for heating and lighting.
Two large nuggets have been taken out of Swauk worth more than $1,000 each.
W. Knight (1902) went to superior court in Ellensburg against H.L. and W. Mack concerning right of way for a ditch.
Roslyn Dramatic Co. has been requested to repeat the opera, "The Mikado," recently played in Roslyn. Play will be given in Ellensburg on May 24th. Special trains will run.
Bill Burcham's football team played a game against a picked Roslyn team Sunday afternoon.
Work has been stopped on 12 or more houses under construction due to a scarcity of different kinds of lumber.