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Local talent will put on a play called "When a Feller Needs a Friend," at the Victory Theater. Cast is headed by Lawrence Davies and Miss Paine of the Central School.
See microfilm for lists of repair prices at this auto company and for a good photo of the company buildings.
The "Roslyn Comet" high school paper is now out. It is a 4 page newspaper that is issued monthly and is printed at the Miner-Echo office. Mrs. Packwood is faculty advisor.
J.V. Hoeffler is an attorney and treasurer for the Common Sense Radius Rod Company of Cle Elum and Seattle. A sales corporation was organized in New Jersey to handle the entire business. Most of the stockholders live in Cle Elum.
Mr. Wagner would like the person who took a quart of milk from his yard to return the milk bottle.
Mrs. Caroline Nenrietta (Kraft) Neuman was born in Germany in 1849 and married John Neuman in 1878. She came to America in 1886 and settled in Roslyn in 1889.
William J. Bowie was a resident of Jonesville, (no further information given).
Article is a history of the Sunset Auto Company in Cle Elum. The business is located on First and Oakes Avenue. Aaron Reese opened his first garage in 1911 on 2nd Street and Stafford Avenue He entered into a partnership with Mr. Haine in 1912. In…
Mrs. B.C. Purple will open her home for kindergarten class. Home is at 105 East 3rd Street. Mrs. Purple was trained in Duluth, Minnesota by Emily L. Clark, a noted kindergarten teacher from Hull House in Chicago.
Work on Canyon Road between Ellensburg and Yakima is about to begin. There is a work camp at Rosa and one at Wymer. Each will house 50 to 60 men.
Billy Bedner's Cle Elum band, the Syncopators, will play at the Victory Theater.
The Kittitas County Taxpayers League was organized to scrutinize every public budget in Kittitas County. The Chairman is Frank Carpenter of Cle Elum.
The city will charge a $2.00 hook up fee for turning the electricity in vacant homes on.
Mrs. James Hill was 53 years old and came from England. She was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Cle Elum.
The Roslyn High School will publish its first issue of the High School paper called "The Comet." It will be a monthly paper.
The South Cle Elum Athletic Club's first meeting will be held in the Pavilion on Monday.
Thomas Cadwell worked in the mines until 1890. From 1890 until 1893 he owned a jewelry and watchmaker business. He was born in England in 1850. He married Miss Mary Ann Burrill in 1873. His obituary mentions children.
Mrs. H.V. Cartwright has 15 students enrolled in her home kindergarten class which meets Monday through Wednesdays from 1:15 to 4:15.
A Kiwanis Club is organized in Cle Elum with Dan Sutton as the first president.
Picture of Rocco Stragmalia here.