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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

An account of the horrible conditions of insane asylums in Spokane, a relic of the dark ages.
(Someone) sought to halt construction of sewer system that would empty into and pollute Yakima.
The people of Spokane have won a court decision concerning jury trials of those convicted of operating a saloon on Sunday.
News from Spokane reports that an ice mine has been discovered near Spokane and plans are up to start a large industry on the spot mining it.
A buggy tips and occupants dragged some distance in this narrow escape.
The courts have ruled that mining machinery is not taxable as personal property, so the previous decision is reversed.
Old folks to put on an entertainment show.
The wheat crop falls 9,000 bushels and is short.
Men attach and try to kill a big whale at Aberdeen. The whale had done no harm
A big power plant is to be built between Kennewish and Priest Rapids.
Gas pumps are being used by local farmers to irrigate from rivers.
Weeks to be sunk in Garden City, Kansas, to aid irrigation.
School houses are to be insured.
The treasury reports that we have only 6 million in silver left.
Government reclamation services advertises for bags for dams on Lake Cle Elum and Keechelus.
Man dying from lump jaw contracted from a horse. This is an incurable disease.
Plans to irrigate Snake River Valley.
A report by the assessor listing the value of all property, personal and private, in Kittitas County.
Alaska has made $150,000,000 in gold, fur, and fish in the last 36 years.
A contract for a new school house awarded at the cost of $900.