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Rufus Woods Photographs

January 24, 1947
F.A. Banks, district manager of Columbia Basin Project goes over construction details with engineer, W.C. Chubbuck

January 20, 1947
Launching of assembled "Sea Mule" at Coulee Dam

January 23, 1947
Bureau work boat pilot contacts shore station downstread from Grand Coulee Dam, Wash.

January 23, 1947
Two way radio equipment on workboat downstream from Grand Coulee Dam, Wash.

January 27, 1947
Harry D. Cowan, Bureau of Reclamation employee rides his jackhammer while drilling into granite rock near dam canal

January 23, 1947
Bureau employee uses G.E.F.M shore radio station to contact barge on Columbia River

May 2, 1947
First Aid class being conducted for dam supervisory personnel

November 12, 1947
Closeup of bunchgrass and sage near Wahl-Urquhart ranch

April 11, 1947
Drilling lifter holes at Bacon Tunnel

July 4, 1947
Visitors travel on converted "Coulee Dam Short Line" train to dam powerhouse

December 2, 1947
Construction work on highway relocation job in Upper Grand Coulee

April 2, 1947
Spraying the surface of concrete with white curing compound at South Coulee Dam

March 17, 1947
"Sea Mule" boat lowered slowly into waiting trailer near Grand Coulee Dam

March 24, 1947
Air operated diamond drill used at South Coulee Dam

June 11, 1947
Right bank of Feeder Canal

January 27, 1947
Bureau employee tightens clamps on floating caisson used to repair spillway bucket

February 18, 1947
USBR rigger sits on end of scroll case to give instructions for proper placement

February 18, 1947
Machinist aids in the matching of two units of the scroll case

February 18, 1947
Machinist and rigger wait for perfect matching of scroll case parts

February 26, 1947
Demolition expert tamps explosives