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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Jack Boose killed a silver fox near Lost Lake. He was hunting deer in the Lost Lake region with Eric Fiegle and Frank Bohn. Pelt is very rare with prices as high as $250 per pelt.
Louisa Jane Nicholas was born in Manchester, Kentucky on March 17, 1857. Her family came to Roslyn 30 years ago from Illinois. Obituary mentions all the children in the family. She was buried in the Roslyn Cemetery.
Old Charlie Holms was a recluse who lived in Roslyn for 35 years. He had no family or will to settle his estate. It is though that he was born in England in 1846 and migrated to the U.S. in 1873 and is believed that he came from Worchestershire,…
The first edition of the Sparks, has rolled out of the Miner-Echo press. Prior to this event, Sparks was published as a part of the local newspaper. There will be 10 issues for the school year.
The Kiwanis Club in Cle Elum will develop a hill near South Cle Elum for skiing and tobogganing.
Mrs. Angelina Corvis passed away at the age of 73 years and 8 months. She was born in Pensylvia, England on March 05, 1849. She arrived in America in 1882. William Henry Corvis died in Butte, Montana. She is buried in the Masonic Cemetery in…
Rudolph Mataya was born in Took, Austria on November 01, 1898. He passed away from the effects of tuberculosis. He is the son of George and Caroline (Starcovich) Mataya.
Vance Polich, (no further information given).
Ellensburg Foundry and Machine Company lease site of the old saw mill from N.W.I. Company saw mill site on the back of 1st Street. They will erect a 50 x 80 foot building. R.E. Peterson is the owner.
At the U.S.S. Slogo No. 42 Lodge a benefit dance will be held.
Kittitas County's school population in Roslyn for 1921 was 1,354 and for 1922 it was 1,367, while in Cle Elum for 1921 it was 1,080 and 1922 it was 1,001.
The strike ends after 5 months of idleness. 2000 men to be back at work.
Bobbed hair is becoming very popular here lately.
Henry Tighe caught a 32 inch and 11.5 pound Dolly Varden at China Camp Falls.
Joseph Arundell and John Robinson, Sr. Both men were electrocuted in the Roslyn Fuel Company Mine at Jonesville.
A second miner is electrocuted at Jonesville. The Roslyn Fuel Company reports that John Robinson was killed. Billy Arundell was electrocuted at the same No. 3 mine at Jonesville. The mine is shut down pending an investigation.
It will cost $40,000 to run Cle Elum. The budget is set for 1923.
Cle Elum mechanics Harry Rice and John Juris enter the business field by opening up the Studebaker Electrical and Machine Works in the Schober Building on Harris Avenue.
Party ascends Mount Stewart. John Bresko and his wife led a party to the summit. This was John's fifth trip to the top. On his first trip, he and his wife left a box at the summit to collect signatures or those who reached the summit.
There is a Cle Elum Club grill. The grill is owned by W.T. Burcham.