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Nellie May Taylor was born in Roslyn on August 14, 1901. She was the daughter of Mrs. Harriet Williams and is buried in the Roslyn cemetery.
Mrs. A.O. Johnson (Vera Roberts) taught in Easton. At the time she had 15 pupils of all grades. She did her own janitorial work.
Supt. Coleman states that there are 171 students in the high school and nearing 900 in the schools all together. Hazelwood School requires students living east of Peoh Avenue to attend that school.
See microfilm for an article by A.H. Sylvester, Forest Supervisor, on the Blewett Pass History.
John Graham, native of Cumberland County, England. Obituary lists his family births and marriage in Lucas, Iowa in 1885. He arrived in Roslyn in 1885 and worked for the N.W.I. Co.
Echo Point was named in honor of the Echo newspaper in Cle Elum. Article also reveals competition between Ellensburg to have the Colokum Pass as the road to Wenatchee while Cle Elum wanted the Blewett Pass.
Season for ducks, geese, brandt among others opens October 01 and closes December 31. Bag limit of duck is 20 per day and 30 per week, for wild geese or brandt the limit is 8 per day or 30 in 7 consecutive days. (brandt's cormorant is type of…
Mary Ann Brosious married Joe Clark whose mother was Ann (Ostliff) Clark. Ann married Wm. O. Clark. Mary was widowed in 1892 and remarried to Clinton P. Brosious in 1906. Brosious discovered the Roslyn coal vein on his property which is now known…
3,613 hunting and 27 trapping licenses were issued in Kittitas County. 78 beaver were trapped. Bounty paid on 131 coyotes, 6 bobcats, 1 wolf, 1 lynx, and 1 wildcat. State hunters and poison have killed 416 more coyotes and 3,250 magpies.
Residents get great thrills riding an airplane. Steve Clutcher and J.B. Riley were passengers when throttle wire breaks and pilot makes a forced landing at Teanaway River. Pilot is E.V. Adair.
South Cle Elum has installed new fire alarm boxes all over the city.
Summit Lodge is one mile north of Cle Elum, just north of the Summit Mine. Kiwanis Club course in South Cle Elum has a jump-off 38 feet high.
Due to the bumpy road First Street is now called Corrugated Avenue.
Listing of names in the Cle Elum Eagles Band are listed.
Easton basketball team is beaten by Kittitas with score 45 to 3.
A blast ignites gas feeder at Mine No. 3 Ronald.
Richard Laffin arrived here in 1886 and was the first foreman of the No. 2 mine.
Stampede Tunnel fan was turned on and the N.P. Railroad's train crew was gassed. Nr. Nason is quite sick.
The Cle Elum Kiwanis Club gives "Hard Times" dance to raise money for its January 23, 1923 charter presentation.
J.F. Walsh, manager of the Lake Cle Elum Lumber Company, plans to have a logging operation going all winter across the Cle Elum River from the Morgan ranch.