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Glowing reports on the productivity of natural resources in the area. Paper quotes that 250,000 could live here. Much attention is given to the good roads in the area.
Sickness is sweeping Roslyn and Ronald. Blame is placed on impure water. Beer traffic has picked up. Children were reported swimming in the reservoir.
Near the head of William's Creek is the claim of Geo. Virden. Assay shows $2,500 to the ton. A mile west is the Fairy Queen owned by J.P. Love of Ellensburg. Seaton's Gold Leaf mine is nearby.
Pacific Investment Co. will be unable to develop its interests here due to the scarcity of money and the poor iron market.
Indian John filed for damages ($1,000) against Northern Pacific for the death of Little Indian Johnnie.
Ellensburg Capital quotes J.H. Rutledge, inspector, that Kittitas County has 40,000 sheep, an increase of 25,000. Sheep are 3/4 to 7/8 Spanish Merino. Wool clip this year is about 280,000 lbs. Price for wool about $0.15 per pound. Mutton sheep…
Little Johnnie, son-in-law of Indian John, was killed by a train at Easton. Reference made that Indian John has many white friends in the area.
A new shaft will be opened in Roslyn. Shaft will be about 16 x 20 feet. Two 1,400 horse power engines will be used.
One entire block of Cle Elum was destroyed by fire. The total loss is expected to exceed $50,000.
Peter Kirk's brother-in-law C.B. Valentine left Liverpool for Washington. He is one of the principle stockholders in the Pacific Investment Co.
General comments to mining activity are presented. References made on Chinese at Green Tree placer No. 1 and No. 2 on the east bank of William's Creek.
All the miners and prospectors in the Peshastin area have agreed to each contribute one week's work in opening up a highway on both sides of the divide.
A settlement known as Boulder City near Fish Lake is mentioned. A sawmill is nearby and supplying miners and prospectors with lumber. (same entry as July 14, 1891)
A settlement known as Boulder City near Fish Lake is mentioned. A sawmill is nearby and supplying miners and prospectors with lumber.
Wm. Donahue is widening and grading a wagon road from August Sassa's ranch in Swauk into Peshastin. Expense is being paid by mining companies and ranchers.
J.T. Peterson clipped 50,000 pounds of wool from his 5,000 sheep ranging in the Teanaway Hills.
Indian John's daughter Selah (may be Celia) died and was buried on his ranch beside her mother.
Nelson Bros. Mill at Nelson's Siding is selling between 4,000 and 5,000 feet daily. Very little is exported as most settlers in the immediate area are tearing down the log cabins and putting up frame cottages.
Between 20,000 and 30,000 sheep were shipped from Cle Elum in 1890.
Several bands of drunken siwashes have been reported.