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The case of Indian John was tried in Justice Gamble's court. Under tribal custom when the medicine man fails to cure his patients in 2 instances, he can be killed. Indian John's daughter Celia was near death and John set out to kill Indian Jacob. …
Peter Kirk's brother-in-law C.B. Valentine left Liverpool for Washington. He is one of the principle stockholders in the Pacific Investment Co. (Same entry as for July 16, 1891)
The North Pacific, Yakima, and Kittitas Irrigation Co. are currently employing about 150 teens and 250 men 13 miles below North Yakima. Estimated cost is $3,000,000.
James Masterton is quoted by the Tribune that placer mines in the Peshastin and Nigger Creek are panning from $1.50 to $3.00 per day. Ingal's Creek has the ruins of cabins, etc.
Seaton Log Boom is reported to have been dynamited. Over $2000 of logs got away.
Chinese are reported to be working at Wm. Gunther's brick yard as off-bearers and pit-fillers.
Ed J. Taylor shot John Roseburg after the Roseburg brothers refused Taylor any water rights bordering the 2 properties. August Rosenburg swore out a warrant and Taylor gave himself up. Justice Gamble dismissed the case due to conflicting testimony…
City council in Roslyn passed an ordinance directing all saloons to be closed all day on Sunday.
The Donahue Mine located by Ira Canaday on May 27, 1880 ended up in the U.S. District Court in Seattle when the Shaffer Gold and Silver Mining Co. brought suit against Wm. Donahue, Henry Bush, and E.H. and J.H. Warner.
Seaton log drive cost $1000 for 2 weeks to his mill on the Teanaway.
Reference made to Galena City. M.M. Emerson, Frank C. Ross of Tacoma, and Ex-Supt Palmer of the Pacific Investment Co. own iron claims near Galena City.
James Grieve and E.P. Gassman relocated the town site of Boulder City at the confluence of Big Boulder Creek and Cle Elum River.
The Green Tree Mining Co. in Swauk is reported to have been leased to Chinese. 7 Chinese are reported panning in the area.
T.J. Lynch of North Yakima and owner of the Mountain Sprite on the Upper Cle Elum is installing a 6 ft. arrastre run by water power.
Pacific Investment Co. is developing iron ore claims in the upper Cle Elum area. Pacific Investment Co. is a successor to the old Moss Bay Iron Co., an English syndicate.
Final surveying for canal by the Cle Elum Water Power and Manufacturing Co. has begun.
North Pacific Coal Co. Saw Mill at Roslyn will cut 25,000 to 30,000 feet of timber daily. Evans and Williams Saw Mill will employ about 14 men monthly with a payroll of about $600.
The Ida Elmore and the Vilinia Mines owed by Mr. Wilson, S.S. Hawkins, and James Grieve are taking gold out worth $46 to $1280 to the ton. Mines are located about 6 miles this side of Fish Lake.
James Stewart of the North Pacific, Yakima, and Kittitas Irrigation Co. is sounding Cle Elum Lake. The smallest ditch will be 60 ft. wide at the bottom, 87 ft. deep on a slope, about 84 ft. wide at the top, and 75 or 80 miles long.
The enrollment of the Cle Elum district was increased from 36 to 41. (cards conflict as to an increase from 36 to 41 or 35 to 41).