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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Genealogy. Fred W. Steiner and Nellie Steiner arrived in Cle Elum in 1885 from Pittsburgh. Steiner's had 10 children, all born in Cle Elum, except Ted who came from Pittsburgh.
Cle Elum's Founding. In 1881 Walter and Barbara Reed filed a claim on Cle Elum. Built a cabin on 4th Street north of Pennsylvania Avenue. Walter Reed build the Reed House. Gave Cle Elum a cabin and ground for the first school. The paper mentions…
Genealogy. Walter and Barbara Reed came from Pittsburg, PA to Yakima via California and Oregon in 1874. They were in freight hauling from the Dalles to Yakima and Ellensburg. Fred Steiner and Walter Reed were brothers-in-law.
Billy McGlory saves a little girl from a runaway horse on the boulevard.
Twice monthly service in the coming month connects up with Seattle. (Contractor Warren, the Wisconsin Hog).
A fine prospect of rocks brought from Simpson's claim are an encouraging prospect.
J.L. Hoey, head of the mill at Swauk, found gold there. He hoped to benefit local businessmen.
George Donner, who had his leg mashed at Leonlrard's Sawmill, is looking well under the circumstances. (possible misspelling).
Twice monthly service will connect with Seattle. (Contractor Warren, the Wisconsin Hog).
The division question. Defending division of Yakima County because people in the Kittitas Valley are so far from Yakima. (Editor of Standard).
Sold Buckeye Mower and Binder combined; the first one of its kind in the county sold to Mr. Vanallstine.
Jacob Baker beats Tom Montgomery in a foot race.
Parkins received copies of the first printing office in Ellensburg. Selling copies.
Stage passengers tell how Mr. John Cleman's farmhouse burnt, nothing was saved, but no one was injured.
On July 19th, Mr. and Mrs. P.F. Schnebly had a son and on July 25th, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lockwood had a son.
Calls for organization of a good ladder and bucket company. Are we prepared?
Masonic Lodge Ellensburg Number 39 meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturday every month. The President is Beady Southern. The Secretary is J.T. McDonald.
W.L. Webb expanding store because of increased business.
From the Wagon Road News from young Preston, 16 men are at work, force to increase later. Road will be open to light wagons by fall and completed by next season.
A special election for the Justice of the Peace caused by the resignation of Chas. B. Reed occurred with 69 votes total, 36 for Craig (the winner), 24 for Baker, and 9 for Peter.