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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Various Ellensburg items including that Mr. Meyer will start a bakery, prices are dropping, Cascade road is open, and C. Jones starts to market with 40,000 pounds of ham and bacon.
In "Progressive Ellensburg," there is discussion on new buildings, the sale of buildings, and of fertile land.
H.L. Tucker to Miss Jeanie Leach.
Spookum house needed for chronic drunks.
Lockup meetings. Place needed to confine drunks. $200 collected. Courthouse square available.
No items of interest.
Smith Brothers and Company are building a brick warehouse.
Election Saturday, Justice of the Peace, so far no candidates.
The Canaby District school term closes. Mr. Fancher is the teacher. There are 17 students. Average attendance is 12.
Personal interest news from Camp Swauk. Letter from prospector.
Notes from Teanaway include that Miss Eva Kessle opens the first school and that Mr. and Mrs. W. McKinney have a son on July 8th.
People in favor of division now.
Meeting held by farmers in Keanady neighborhood to prevent company from taking their water from Wilson Creek.
Local merchants able to make replacement parts for farm machinery.
Stock available for the Snoqualmie Wagon Road.
"We Take the Initiative." Standard supports division.
Sam Packwood owns a courthouse and proposes to move it to Kittitas Valley.
Ore getting better at Swauk Mine producing $270 per ton. Zeb Keller will complete bridges for Polpeck mine by next week. Other sources mentioned were: W.H. Elliot, G.B. Hinton, Jake Livingston, Elmser Lockwood, Uncle G.A. Hunton, Peter Witer, and…
J.J. Hart returned from Grand Lodge meeting at Portland. Rep. Lodge 32 A.O.U.W.
"On the Streets." A. Lawrence recovers.