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Roslyn Black History

Christopher Meneghel, owner of the Columbia Saloon in Roslyn in the 1890s, began the Glacier Park Mining Company. This Newman Studios photograph taken in front of Meneghel's saloon was given to company investors showing a pack train and workers…

Fancy dresses were common in the early days of the 20th century. Pictured here is Pearl Faggen circa 1900.

ca. 1895
Powell Barnett, Sr. on December 15, 1854 in Fork Union, Virginia, was one of the original African-American miners who arrived in Roslyn, Washington Territory in August 1888. Barrett with his wife and children played an active role in the Roslyn…

ca. 1922
Powell N. Barnett (rear) born in Seattle, Washington in 1908 and his younger brother Johnny were the sons of Powell S. Barnett, Jr. Barnett, Jr. moved from Roslyn, Washington to Seattle in 1906. The boys were riding a donkey in the Central District…

ca. 1908
Powell S. Barnett (1883-1971) standing, grew up in Roslyn, Washington where he mined coal and played in a local band. He moved to Seattle in 1906, working first in road and hotel construction, later as a clerk to a state senator, and eventually as…

The Northwestern Improvement Company's No. 4 mine power house and shaft in Roslyn ca.1920

The entrance of mine No. 2 in Ronald. Heavily constructed wooden entrances protected the coal trains and miners from falling rocks.

A 1915 view of Ronald, Washington looking southwest toward the mountains of the Easton and Kachess Ridges. Hundreds of men were employed in the mines since coal mining was in full production in Ronald at this time.

ca. 1915
Coal mine #3 located just north of Ronald and was the site where many of the first African-American miners worked after arriving in the area in 1888. This view shows the mountains of the Easton and Kachess Ridges to the south.

The town of Ronald, two miles west of Roslyn, was built on company land when No. 3 mine was open in the late 1880s. It was named in honor of Alexander Ronald, Superintendent of the Northwestern Improvement Company mines.

ca. 1910
The Rose Theater in Roslyn was located at No. 3 Second Street. The entire community gathered in front of the popular theater for an unknown event ca. 1910.

ca. 1920
This circa 1920 photograph shows an all Black band, possibly the Payne's Military Band (which is written on the large drum.) Many bands performed in Roslyn at a variety of social events.

The Roslyn baseball team are pictured at this Winlock, Washington game in 1925. At the far right is pictured Samuel L. Craven and his brother Daniel C. Craven is forth from the left.

ca. 1890
Guns were used by the original Roslyn Black settlers and miners for protection against the striking miners , who were known to use violence at times. The man on the left is pictured wearing a gun belt and holding a rifle. Photograph was taken circa…

In this turn of the century photograph, a group of men, boys and three little girls stand in front of The Brick Saloon situated on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and North First Street in Roslyn, Washington. It is claimed that The Brick is the…

This small, wooden church was one of two African-American churches in Roslyn, Washington which served the needs of the Black community. The two churches were the Second Baptist and the African Methodist Episcopal. This photograph was taken May…

Tired and dirty, Roslyn coal miners rest after returning from the mines. Men of various ethnic nationalities were employed by the coal companies.

ca. 1890
This couple, photographed on their wedding day in the early 1890s, shows the status afforded to African American residents in the Roslyn area. The man and woman in this tintype are not identified.

ca. 1923
Picnics were a common form of recreation during the 1920s. This photograph taken at Lake Sammamish in about 1923 shows left to right: Mrs. Leroy, Ethel McClain with her baby daughter Leola Mae McClain and Mr. Leroy. Ethel Williams McClain married…

Roslyn's football team poses for this photograph. Arthur Wiseker who became a track star at the University of Minnesota is pictured in the back row at the far left.