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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Election Saturday, Justice of the Peace, so far no candidates.
The Canaby District school term closes. Mr. Fancher is the teacher. There are 17 students. Average attendance is 12.
Personal interest news from Camp Swauk. Letter from prospector.
Mr. G.W. Elliot is setting up horse racing for the 4th of July.
"Short Notes" discusses the building up of town and local people.
Poshastion notes discuss prosperity of mines and the lives of miners.
The first picture of the Kittitas Standard office is taken by M.C.F. Perkins.
Large tracts of land available for grazing.
Smithson and Meagher had 11 sheep killed by dogs.
Cattle is selling for between $50 and $60 a head. The upward trend of high rates is expected.
Mr. Bonebreak to Miss Mary F. Carlton.
In "Important Enterprise," Walter A. Bull, President of the Seattle and Walla Walla Trail and Wagon Road, discusses the financing of a wagon road from the Puget Sound to Yakima through shares.
Mr. T.O. Stepp sold his farm to Mr. T.D. Look. Look paid $180 for the crop and $1,800 for the farm. It is a bargain.
Workmen in Tip Top Mine find a rich vein 15 inches wide.
In "Short Notes," Thos. Johnson took first wagon that went on wheels all the way to Poshastion.
Mr. Masterson welcomes new settlers. Mill to open soon.
County surveyed. Checks for 3 new roads.
Mr. Vaughn shows sample rhubarb 28 inches across and 18 inches high.
Mr. Borosious and Mr. Morris are moving to Teanaway.
Mail route petitioned for from here to Wenachie via the Swauk and Poshastion.