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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

In "Important Enterprise," Walter A. Bull, President of the Seattle and Walla Walla Trail and Wagon Road, discusses the financing of a wagon road from the Puget Sound to Yakima through shares.
Mr. T.O. Stepp sold his farm to Mr. T.D. Look. Look paid $180 for the crop and $1,800 for the farm. It is a bargain.
Workmen in Tip Top Mine find a rich vein 15 inches wide.
In "Short Notes," Thos. Johnson took first wagon that went on wheels all the way to Poshastion.
Mr. Masterson welcomes new settlers. Mill to open soon.
County surveyed. Checks for 3 new roads.
Mr. Vaughn shows sample rhubarb 28 inches across and 18 inches high.
Mr. Borosious and Mr. Morris are moving to Teanaway.
Mail route petitioned for from here to Wenachie via the Swauk and Poshastion.
Notes from the Swauk on Mr. Zuictseh discussing workings of the mine and of some of the miners.
There is a shortage of competent carpenters.
Mr. Culhine had his team of horses drowned.
The First National Bank of Ellensburg to be established when a location is found.
Mr. Jenson claims a rich strike at Poshastion.
Reports from the Executive Committee on program of the day for the 4th of July.
Demand for vacant land is increasing rapidly in an article called "Doing Good Business."
Improvements in buildings. J.J. Muller building newest cottage. Hotel expanded. Ellensburg will double its number of buildings in the next year.
Rev. Mr. Young of M.F. Church will leave for Big Band Country soon.
Mr. G.W. Elliot is setting up horse racing for the 4th of July.
"Short Notes" discusses the building up of town and local people.