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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Notes from the Swauk on Mr. Zuictseh discussing workings of the mine and of some of the miners.
There is a shortage of competent carpenters.
Mr. Culhine had his team of horses drowned.
The First National Bank of Ellensburg to be established when a location is found.
Mr. Jenson claims a rich strike at Poshastion.
Reports from the Executive Committee on program of the day for the 4th of July.
Demand for vacant land is increasing rapidly in an article called "Doing Good Business."
Improvements in buildings. J.J. Muller building newest cottage. Hotel expanded. Ellensburg will double its number of buildings in the next year.
Rev. Mr. Young of M.F. Church will leave for Big Band Country soon.
Kittitas items include that money is scarce and that people kept busy by hauling wood, fencing, sleigh riding, and dancing.
"Our Common Interest." K.S. urges division of the county.
The new officials of Kittitas County include the following: R.H. Peterson as Auditor, Irene Camberlin as School Superintendent, W.A. Bull as Probate Judge, John C. Goodwin as Sheriff, Thomas Johnson as Treasurer, and Doctor Hinton as Coroner.
Kittitas notes describe gossip about local people.
Description of the route of Northern Pacific Railroad in Yakima and the Kittitas Valley.
Ellensburg items include, a measles epidemic, the birth of a girl to Mrs. Hunter, a girl to Mrs. Milligan and the birth of a boy to Mrs. DeVore, and the marriage of W.H. Keisler to S.A. Strange of Wheatfield, PA.
Ellensburg items include, the bridge over Umptanum Creek washed out, Mr. Sutter is a master mechanic and seeks a new building because of heavy trade, and local merchants receive a $457 rebate from tobacco.
Ellensburg items include: Mrs. Bonbrake gives birth to a girl, the average school attendance is 68, Miss Millie Drew supervises cracker factory, M.P. Mine at Swauk opens next week, a Chinaman was killed, and Chinese losing claims.
Ellensburg items include the following: work on Priest Rapids Road, the Pass may not be open until May, Mr. H. Pulliny won Road Superintendent Race with a total of 12 votes, the Sheriff moves to Yakima, Hoiseph Vereau died, and Mr. W.M. Beeker…
Durs Road through the Kitsap Valley is in good condition considering the season.
Ellensburg items include the following: Mr. H. Renhke and Brothers open a Jewelry store and bakery, work is being completed on Johnson's sawmill, Mr. Barnet hurts his eye playing baseball, and talk of a bath house on Wilson Creek.