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Roslyn Black History

ca. 1960
Retired Roslyn coal miner, Samuel Lawrence Craven (left) born in Texas in 1895 and died in Roslyn in 1969, stands with his son, William Amos Craven, preparing to use a cross-cut saw to cut wood. William, who became the first Black mayor in…

This picture is an oil painting of the late Samuel Craven, Sr. Mr. Craven, the father of Samuel L. and Daniel C. Craven, moved to Roslyn from Texas in 1922 to work in the coal mines.

Samuel Craven, Sr. was the father of Daniel C. Craven who came from Texas to work in the mines. In 1922 another son Samuel Lawrence Craven followed his brother Daniel to Roslyn. Samuel L. Craven married Ethel Williams in 1924.

John Kongley, Roslyn Coal mine official, telegraphed company owners in Illinois about the dangerous strike situation in Dec. 1888.

John Kongley, fearful of mob riots during the Dec. 1888 Roslyn mine strikes, telegraphed officials describing the situation. He was concerned that the law was not being enforced.

The Independent Mining Company and the Northwestern Improvement Company operated coal mines in Cle Elum. The coal mine shaft at Cle Elum was the center of mining activities.

Roslyn supported many popular saloons during it's early years. Miners as well as other local men frequented the saloons regularly. Men were warmed by the potbellied stove in Roslyn's Torino Saloon in 1912.

Photo by E. R. Brene. Ellensburg Main Street, across from Chinese Restautant, "Livery Stable".

Children from countries including African-American, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Dalmatia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Syria, Wales, and others, posed for this 1913 school photograph. Many of the…

Two systems of coal mine transportation in 1915 at the Cle Elum mines were trains operated by electric engines and the old fashion yet very reliable work mules.

This 1945 World War II military aviator named Vernon was a member of an African-American family of Roslyn, Washington.

Wesley Craven, the second son of Samuel L. and Ethel F. Craven, was born and raised in Roslyn. He was a Golden Glove Welterweight and Heavyweight Champion boxer in Seattle. Wesley became a professional boxer, but his boxing career was cut short due…

Woodson Barnett was born on June 24, 1859, in Fork Union Virginia. One brother was the Roslyn pioneer Powell Benjamin Barnett. Woodson, his father and brother William worked in the coal mines at Roslyn.

The Northern Pacific Railroad's steam engine travels along side the Yakima River towards Cle Elum in 1908.