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Rufus Woods Photographs

May 30, 1941
First seaplane at Coulee Dam

March 22, 1941
D.L. Marlett of Bonneville Power gives radio address

March 22, 1941
C.P. Christiansen and A.F. Darland with Dam Controls

June 3, 1941
Ferry County roads

March 22, 1941
Visitors view part of dam turbine and scroll case

April 10, 1941
J.E. Hilton and his publicity man near crane

April 10, 1941
J.E. Hilton at Dam construction site

February 5, 1941
Electrician Bob Prichett working inside transformer case

March 22, 1941
Mr. and Mrs. Marlett and Steve Khan of the Bonneville Power Administration

March 22, 1941
Governor Langlie gives radio address

April 10, 1941
J.E. Hilton and his publicity director

February 18, 1941
Abandoned house and Coulee-Bonneville Power transmission line

March 22, 1941
Crowds gathered for tour of dam powerhouse

May 21, 1941
Mr. and Mrs. Robbins on #7 Golfcourse

July 19, 1941
"Paul Bunyan" boat going upstream over Kettle Falls

April 10, 1941
J.E. Hilton near crane

March 22, 1941
Native Americans bless Dam generator

March 22, 1941
C.F. Christiansen, Al Darland, James Wallace and J.H. Miner with Dam controls

March 12, 1941
Cabin on Sherman Creek near White Pine Sash Company plant at Kettle Falls

April 19, 1941
A.F Dorland at NFFE convention banquet.