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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Discussion on the importance of and availability of shares in the Snoqualmie Wagon Road.
Ellensburg items include the literary society preparing for entertainment on April 15th, the rumor of false murder at Swauk, and that the trail is closed.
Discussion on the cost and route of the Snoqualmie Pass Wagon Road.
Ellensburg items include Geo. Smith purchasing the Brown Restaurant, personal items, and that people supplying liquor to Indians are threatened with hanging.
A letter from W.T. describes work in the mines and prospects for the future in the Swauk Mining District.
Various Ellensburg items including that business is increasing, Mr. Coleman loses 50 head of sheep, a 23 inch vein found in Shafer mine at Swauk, and Tip Top Mining Co. cut through 150 feet of hard rock at $15 dollars a foot.
Various Ellensburg items including the death of J.W. Pennel that was ruled accidental, the Odd Fellows throwing a ball, the trail is still open, Mr. Smith arrives on the Sound with cattle, and Mr. Sheridan and N.W. Preston had frozen feet coming from…
Various Ellensburg items including that J.O. Bland marries Miss Jenson and the snow is 16 inches in depth.
In "Progressive Ellensburg," there is discussion on new buildings, the sale of buildings, and of fertile land.
Various Ellensburg items including that Mr. Meyer will start a bakery, prices are dropping, Cascade road is open, and C. Jones starts to market with 40,000 pounds of ham and bacon.
Various Ellensburg items including the following: Money is donated to keep Cascade Road open, a butcher shop opens, there is a new family C. Garrisons, Mascarde is a new school teacher, Mr. Ben Hanson and Miss Bell Jones married on Christmas Day,…
In "A Correction," J.G. Olding describes the fatal stagecoach accident of G.O.F. Coker.
Various Ellensburg items including the New Year's Ball, a lost mule, a skating rink, a trail over Snoqualmie being opened, personal notes, and food prices.
Kittitas Gossip records a letter from Pueblo Quiz that discusses breach of promise suit, mining, personal highlights, and the death of Gordon Giles on January 26th.
Town Gossip and Charter. In Kittitas Gossip, there is a letter from Pueblo Quiz which discusses a charter for Ellensburg, dancing, and people.
Kittitas Snowfall to date is 55 inches, Teanaway is 5 feet in depth. For the Kittitas Valley in 1880-1881 was 74 inches and for 1881-1882 was 74 inches as well.
Swauk and Teanaway. From the Swauk. E.S.A. discusses mining. Teanaway: school, weather, Christmas, dancing, etc.
"Territorial Legis-Loafers." Mentions Shoady.
A letter from B.B.K. of Tacoma describing last season at the mines.
List of claims located in the Clealm mining district.