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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

New discoveries of copper and silver, as well as numerous claims, at the Clealm Mines.
John Shoady and Thomas Johnson pass through Yakima, Shoady headed for legislature and Johnson for Portland.
"Heard of Ellensburg." Fire partially destroys Ellensburg and $45,000 damage after deducting insurance.
"Our Common Interest." K.S. urges division of the county.
Kittitas Gossip records a letter from Pueblo Quiz that discusses breach of promise suit, mining, personal highlights, and the death of Gordon Giles on January 26th.
Kittitas items include that money is scarce and that people kept busy by hauling wood, fencing, sleigh riding, and dancing.
Kittitas Snowfall to date is 55 inches, Teanaway is 5 feet in depth. For the Kittitas Valley in 1880-1881 was 74 inches and for 1881-1882 was 74 inches as well.
Town Gossip and Charter. In Kittitas Gossip, there is a letter from Pueblo Quiz which discusses a charter for Ellensburg, dancing, and people.
"The Extinction of the Bison."
New opera house, Shoudy Hall, is being remodeled.
"Grandeur and Value of the Puget Sound."
Quarterly apportionment of school money (Kittitas county) made April 04, 1889.
New time table for N.P. Railroad cuts 2 hours across the continent.
Thos. G. McDowell is appointed postmaster.
Mr. Cody, of this city, is working on a track laying machine, an invention.
Poultry notes.
Puget Sound. A general description of the Mediterranean of the Pacific.
Special Tax Appraisement.
General Harrison's Beginning."
"A Gas Propelled Carriage," Munich Germany.