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Rufus Woods Photographs

November 12, 1942
Work crews pour the last concrete at Grand Coulee Dam

April 3, 1942
Infra-red view of rising waters of Grand Coulee Reservoir

April 3, 1942
New road between Kettle Falls and Marcus

December 29, 1942
Two crewmen at powerplant of Grand Coulee Dam

November 28, 1942
Dam generator lowered into place

September 17, 1942
Workers work on dam generator

June 22, 1942
Man looks on as water passes through dam

February 28, 1942
Army caravan crosses the dam

July 11, 1942
Marina in Grand Coulee Reservoir

February 23, 1942
Reinforcing steel work in last powerhouse

March 17, 1942
Generators at dam site viewed from crane deck

August 5, 1943
Supervising engineer F.A. Banks views dam

November 16, 1944
Cliff face of Nespelem silt

July 13, 1944
Grand Coulee Dam open spillway

June 30, 1944
Two mowing machines cutting pea vines near Quincy, Wash.

March 10, 1944
Barge under construction on shore of Spokane River near Grand Coulee Dam

March 10, 1944
Barges being constructed on shore of Spokane River near Grand Coulee Dam

April 1, 1944
Conference group photo

March 30, 1944
Elmer City 4H Club

October 18, 1945
Clifford Elder, a World War II veteran, works on a house near Moses Lake, Wash.