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Patrick Sterner, the former Justice of the Peace at Ellensburg, is committed.
New discoveries of copper and silver, as well as numerous claims, at the Clealm Mines.
"The Clealm Mine." A group of miners bought several mines and will work them this winter.
John Shoady and Thomas Johnson pass through Yakima, Shoady headed for legislature and Johnson for Portland.
"Heard of Ellensburg." Fire partially destroys Ellensburg and $45,000 damage after deducting insurance.
Article on why secession by Kittitas would be economically impractical.
Jacob Durr has bought a livery stable from Surer and Slinyley in Ellensburg.
A U.S. Agriculture agent will inspect land in the Yakima area that has been taken with alkali.
A look at the problem of soil over-use. Opinion is that it is not too big of a problem.
A list of all state representatives elected in the state. A heavy Republican majority.
A report on the fact that Washington produced 11 percent of the lumber in America in 1905 and a plea to start caring for our resources.
The people of the U.S. have sent millions of dollars to stricken families in the San Francisco quake area. Ellensburg sent a car of potatoes and a car of flour.
A letter from Berkley, the sister of an Ellensburg resident, who describes the destruction in San Francisco after the quake and fire.
A list of who attend what parties, with the most popular of the time being the surprise party.
A call to outlaw the obscene five cent moving picture machines. They are only for the criminal element.
Hay is selling at $20 per ton. Much snow and rain has delayed the tele-line. The summit coal mine is in operation again. Send the paper to relatives in the east. Get more people to come to the land of Kittitas.
A report of all the coal mined in the west. In all from January 01 to September 30 a total of 2,895,577 tons.
A paper describing the pest (coddling moth) and how to cure it in Kittitas County.
An article telling how hard times used to be without all the new inventions.
Two feet of snow in Roslyn at this time.