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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Foundation of brick is being laid on the east side of Pearl opposite the Ashler saloon. Size is 30-80 feet and is 2 stories.
The saloons and business houses have been closed on Sundays the last few weeks.
There are 5 lumber yards in Ellensburg, but more lumber is needed.
Six brickyards are making bricks here.
The Steam Tracklayer.
Board of Trade Meeting Minutes.
Mr. Moffatt proposes construction of a street railway.
Coble and Kline are producing an average of 200,000 bricks a week.
Thomas Brown, colored, is guilty of manslaughter. He killed Frank Johnson earlier in Roslyn.
List of patents (names of local men) new in the land office at North Yakima.
The steamer "Ellensburg" resumes business this spring.
Poultry paragraphs and what breeds to raise.
Charley Nason, an Indian, was granted a patent for land in Nanum.
Ordinance 87 is for a street railway.
"A New Kind of Buffalo," from the Philippine Islands.
Arrival of 200 lobsters to propagate Port Townsend.
Ymatilla Indian Reservation lands (100,000 acres) to be sold at public auction.
John B. Allen, delegate, has gone east for the inauguration ceremonies.