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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

How to detect and cure limber neck in poultry is a front page story.
A long letter to the editor stating public opinion on Socialism. Many favor it in view of extra rich capitalists.
A call to join the Kittitas Fruit Growers Association, which plans to incorporate with 100,000 shares of stock at 25 cents per share.
How to plant over coal on range land reforestation for profit.
The entire front page is devoted to telling why cities should not operate water or power plants.
A list of prices local merchants are offering for the poultry show.
The good government party won election in every race but one.
A grape grower in Rockestar says he fires a mortar at black clouds to stir up the air and prevent hail.
In order to stop crime in Ellensburg the local professional people have started a good government party.
A new electric laundry is about to be opened on Pine Street.
A citizen writes complaining that the open defense of laws in town by the red light district.
An article expounding on the artistic-ness of modern reaper and how it frees pathetic women from labor.
Very heavy rains for the past week have caused flooding of Cle Elum and some of Ellensburg. A loss of power and train.
Two deaths in the city in the same day.
A list of all governors elected in nation. There are 13 Republican and 6 Democrats.
An ad for a machine that is hand run and will make up to 3,000 bricks per day running it.
Students should sign up for classes at the Ellensburg Business College. 28 students so far.
This ad ran repeatedly (as is) claiming the powers of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which is available at Owe Drugs.
Ad about Laxative Bromo Duinine's power to cure cold in a one day, money back guarantee.
For a 2 cent stamp, receive a booklet set on how to learn osteopathy at home.