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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

There has not been a great quantity of ice on the Columbia River this winter.
The ground in the streets is frozen to a depth of 20 inches.
Fred Blanen, colored, shot and killed Frank Johnson, also colored, at mine No. 3 at Roslyn.
T.G. McDowell has the inside tract for Postmaster.
Cattle in poor condition but not from the winter weather.
Tacoma Investors here to buy estate.
Mine strikes in Roslyn.
Select your orchards.
"A Rabbit Hunt." 500 men kill rabbits.
Need for an opera house in Ellensburg. Mr. Nash is now building one.
40 acre addition to Ellensburg put on sale January 21 and all are sold as of today.
Kleinburg Brothers bought a 30 foot lot opposite Fogarty's. $3,000 or $100 per foot.
"Ellensburg Items" from Tacoma Globe. N.P. Railroad cut off from Cheney to this city.
Sheriff Packwood requested to protect new miners at Ronald.
"The Roslyn Troubles." Work not yet resumed. Colored ball and shooting.
"Ellensburg, W.T." A city that doubled its population in 1888. From the Oregonian.
"The Railroad Advantages."
"War Reminiscences" Civil War.
Judge Nash here for the contested case of A.A. Mead and J.L. Brown over the Sheriff.
Indians and Chinamen are ferrying on Columbia River. Ice stopped big boats.