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Rufus Woods Photographs

August 21, 1946
View of Grand Coulee Reservoir or called Roosevelt Lake

May 29, 1946
W.W. Johnston, Chief of Project Development Division in the Ephrata Bureau Office

June 10, 1946
Main ranch house

July 13, 1946
Col. Art Goebel visits Grand Coulee Dam

October 3, 1946
L.D. Hunter, dam site worker's camp cook, rings dinner bell

September 3, 1946
MGM Travelog group takes pictures from elevator tower on Grand Coulee Dam

September 3, 1946
MGM Travelog group taking pictures from elevator tower on Grand Coulee Dam

August 22, 1946
W.B. Rogers, Concrete and Pipe foreman digs into ground to check water penetration into soil

August 30, 1946
Bureau electrician drawing heating cable under floor of temporary grade school in new Mason Addition

Portion of panorama from Crown Point

March 19, 1946
Complete refinishing operations of stator coils for Grand Coulee generator L-1

February 18, 1946
Clifford Elder of Moses Lake, Wash. signs recordable contract while Notary witnesses

June 11, 1946
F.A. Banks, Supervising Engineer at Grand Coulee Dam explains features to Secretary of Interior Krug and party at Dry Falls near Coulee City, Wash.

November 9, 1946
William E. Warne, Assistant Secretary of Department of Interior

September 11, 1946
Mr. Stone, Superintendent in charge of drilling Bacon Tunnel

July 17, 1946
15 yard dragline bucket used to excavate main canal near Coulee City, Wash.

June 10, 1946
Granary building 12'x24'

August 22, 1946
Discussion of plans to build constrution offices near Pasco pumping plant on banks of Columbia River

August 19, 1946
Applying conducting varnish to slot portion of coil and following with asbestos binder tape

June 10, 1946
View from sand dune showing spring pond, tule marsh and meadow with hunting lodge at center