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Frederick Krueger Collection, Boxes 24, 25, 29

Describes how a man who was recovering drops dead on the street.
School number 6 holds a spelling contest. Prize winners listed and some guests.
New mill being built on Wenas and 5th. 20,000 foot per day cutting capacity.
One officer and one robber were killed in gun battle. Two others were wounded in Kennewick.
One whole page showing a sample of the ballot for the upcoming election.
The apple crop of the U.S. has doubled in the past year.
The Skagit River has flooded causing heavy damage.
Wagon Road over Wenatchee Range is in bad condition due to fallen timber.
Exhibit from Dash. Mrs. George Cheney sends fruits and potatoes for carnival exhibit in Bowen.
C.L. Ramsey is taking orders for fruit trees at newspaper office on where to leave orders.
Six boy gang is caught. It had formed to steal from local merchants. One boy confessed and named the rest.
Discussion of rail road rates and the maximum charge law.
The Secretary of the Interior has cut off filing for coal mining rights on much land in the Yakima and Kittitas area.
The apple crop is selling for a good price and reports a bumper crop.
Asks subscribers to please pay "the Dawn" what they owe.
Names of people who have not called for their mail is listed.
Death summons a pioneer. The first white women to see Luke Dash dies. Knee Chief Seattle. Resided in Kittitas Valley.
The Denmark school is improved. A new porch is added. (Denmark is a section of Ellensburg).
The department of war is experimenting with a new system of putting tar and oil on roads for a hard surface.
A new variety of disease resistant potatoes is discovered and suggested.