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A.H. Sylvester, Chief Ranger in Wenatchee in 1908, visited Salmon la Sac area in about 1911 and discovered an old blaze that was made by fur trappers between 1830 and 1840.
Snoqualmie Pass Wagon Road Forest Service.
Michael Fritz and Company lost their home in a fire at the mouth of the Teanaway River.
Wheat, cows, calves, flour, lumber, and pigs are all legal tender in the Kittitas Valley.
First thrasher in Kittitas County is owned by Lewis and White of the Anthum.
Snoqualmie Pass Wagon Road open from Peterson's ranch at Snoqualmie Prairie to Thorp's Place.
Pete Lake. Paper mentions it is also known as Iapia Lake.
Cle Elum Fire. Bath house of the Independent Coal Company and various halls housed the homeless. Fire started in the rear of George Moss's racket store at 1:25 in the afternoon and spread to the Rose Theater.
Cassassa Store. John and Don Cassassa completed radio school in Los Angeles in 1934 and opened a business in Cle Elum where the Eagles Temple is located.
Recreation and Cle Elum Band. There were 2 bands, a city band led by George Moss and an Italian band led by Mike Briskey. In about 1910 they merged together with Chris Alderson as leader. Band members were as follows: Celest Canori, M. Barton,…
May 1908 Coast Magazine. Paper says 1908 edition is on Kittitas County. Magazine is reported to say the first prospecting in this field was done by Mr. Baily Willis in 1881. First mining by Jenson in 1885 and hauled to Ellensburg.
Coal Pay Roll. In December of 1890 it was given $84,000 and by March 1891 it fell to $63,000.
Roslyn's Diphtheria. In December 1896 the diphtheria epidemic closed schools, church services, and prohibited all public gatherings. Fall of 1900 a smallpox attack hit Roslyn.
Roslyn Fire. By 1888, 1,000 to 2,000 people were in Roslyn. On June 22, 1888 a fire broke out between First and Second Streets above the railroad and the entire business district was destroyed.
Roslyn's First School. First school on Dakota Avenue in spring 1887. Next year frame school house built on Brookside near the Catholic Church. Building was 50 x 30 and divided into 2 rooms. In 1890 four-room building was set up at Third and…
Roslyn's Coal Mines. A train load of Italian miners reached camp and 400 men spent the winter of 1886-1887 there.
Cle Elum's First Mill. Tom Johnson set up the first saw mill south of the depot on the banks of the Yakima River.
Coal in Roslyn. N.P. opens mines numbers 1 and 2 in 1886 under Logan M. Bullock as general manager and Henry Cottle as engineer. First coal is out in November.
Roslyn Commercial History. The Coal Company in August opened a general store and saloon. Stood at corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 1st Street. They were diagonally across from each other. The company wanted to regulate the liquor traffic but…
Founding of Roslyn. Logan M. Bullitt name, Roslyn on August 10, 1886.