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Section gangs were clearing a wreck near Teanaway when some men discovered several dozen cases of whiskey. Crew was drinking it up. Section boss tried to call off work but the crew would not leave. Search warrant located missing bottles in their…
Citizens in North Yakima were suffering from lack of coal and wood. When coal arrived from Cle Elum mines, people with wagons emptied 25 carloads without paying. Sheriff Grant took charge to protect the rest. People were gathering and sacking coal…
Winter of 1902-03 had a total snowfall of 10 feet, 11 inches.
Baptist Church dedicated in Cle Elum. Rev. B.C. Cook is pastor. Picture of church in the paper.
Frank Carpenter, President of the Cle Elum State Bank, plans to open a bank in Roslyn no later than February 1st.
James Kellogg was located in California and arrested. Depositors got 62 cents on the dollar back. Kellogg and family left area for Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Summit Mining Co. is now employing 30 men. Bulk of output is hauled directly to Portland.
Teanaway farmers have constructed a road from upper valley across the mountains to Cle Elum, thus shortening the distance to their market from 7 to 5 miles. They still need a bridge across the Teanaway however.
Rabbit hunters were to be seen on every street Tuesday morning.
Coal miners in Roslyn and Cle Elum were repairing the N.P. line between Cle Elum and Ellensburg after a flood hit.
Golden Gate Mining and Development Co. is opening a new mine just back of the Masterson Ranch, Section 28. Property is leased from Francis M. Cox for 50 years.
South Cle Elum and Thorp are under water. Government dam at Lake Keechelas opened to prevent its destruction. Miles of railroad have been washed out. Many steel and wooden bridges were destroyed.
A 40 x 90 foot addition 2 stories high is being planned at the Roslyn Brewery. The stone is quarried from a sandstone quarry close to Roslyn.
Golden Gate Mining and Development Co. found an 8 foot vein of coal about 1 mile northeast of Easton. 20 miners now at work.
The Golden Gate Mining Co. owns the Dolly Varden claim. Have one building that is 80 feet long by 30 feet wide. Also a blacksmith shop and log barn.
Easton has 10 saloons. Judges say 6 is too many. Others say 10 is too many.
Miller and Short won the contract for lumber in the construction of temporary dams at outlet of Lake Cle Elum.
The first steam hoist ever installed in the Cle Elum Mining District is now running at the Golden Gate Camp.
Paper talks about Easton booming. It also mentions Johnson Bros. in Easton. The Roslyn Brewing Company is in Easton.
Hotel Reed changes hands. L.R. Thomas and Dan Perrow will take possession.