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Cle Elum will entertain five lodges of the Knights of Pythias. Cle Elum will become an ideal outing point and summer camping ground.
C.M. and St. P. right of way between Cle Elum and crest is reported to employ 3,000 men. Delay in securing men is accounted to the harvest season.
Government reclamation services is advertising for temporary dams at the head waters of the Yakima River. Dams are to be crib dams at the mouths of Lakes Cle Elum and Keechelas. They are to be temporary structures.
Talks about Cle Elum Mining Co. managed by R.A. Berry mentions the Treadwell and Union Claims in the Swauk mining district.
Northern Pacific's magazine "Wonderland for 1906" is reported to have information on Upper County.
Editorial talks about expansion of railroad facilities along Railroad Street to handle 800 cars. To do so requires City Council action.
Balloon ascension and parachute drop at Eagle's picnic. 1,000 people were there.
Cle Elum State Bank commenced to break ground last Saturday on the lots cornering First Street and Harris Avenue.
N.W.I. now engaged in tapping the coal vein just west of the city known as "Number Seven."
Advertisement on Golden Gate Mining and Development Co. in Cle Elum, Washington. G.W. Gallaher is President and Ed D. Gallaher is Vice-President and Manager. Claim to have 440 acres of metal mines and approximately 1,000 for coal.
Advertisement contains a list of activities on the 4th of July.
Gold quartz strike in Swauk by Yakima Mining Co. occurred. General Manager is W.H. Taylor. Quartz is bluish-white.
Sides Bros. and Hartman have sold their business to W.J. Thompson, W.D. Morgan, J.G. Green, and J.L. Taggard. New company is called the Northern Meat Company.
Paper reports that Wilhelm's magazine, "The Coast," has an article on Cle Elum. Some data on Reed and Central hotels as well.
Prof. Ernest Griffith, of the National Conservatory of Music of New York, a former pupil of Buitrago and Schradiak, is prepared to accept pupils on the violin.
Hellan Mining Syndicate has a small quartz mill in Swauk. Milled for $128 to the ton.
Article contains a prospectus of the Wall Street Mining Co. and gives history of the Swauk mining district.
Advertisement concerns Cle Elum Mining Co. stock selling for $60 par value. An installment plan is $5 per month.
Shooting in Roslyn over a colored woman. Cornelius Wallace, a coal miner, shot Jos. Spindler. Spindler has been employed by the N.W.I. Co. as an assistant engineer in the shaft. Wallace was employed as a miner.
The Golden Gate Mining Co. has leased a large tract of coal land. The Northern Pacific Railroad runs across this property and the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saint Paul Railroad have surveyed over this land.