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The Golden Gate Mining and Development Co. has opened offices at 216 Penn. Ave. two doors north of the post office. E.D. Gallaher is the general manager.
Zentner will occupy the Reed block next month. Zentner has leased the building.
Mr. C.S. Enright and Mr. F.C. Mills have purchased the plant formerly owned by Mrs. Williams.
C.D. Hendry will use water power to drive the churns and separators. He will make Teanaway butter famous.
There are 6 creameries in operation in the Kittitas Valley.
The Northwestern Improvement Co. expect to spent $210,000 in improvements in Roslyn and Cle Elum this year.
The Sure Thing Gold-Copper Mining and Smelting Co. has uncovered immense bodies of gold and copper ore. Company expended more than $20,000 last year in permanent improvements. Purchased $20,000 in merchandise from merchants last year. List of…
Eugene Lawson of Seattle secures a 6 month option on nearly 2,000 acres. Presumes some R.R. behind Lawson.
Paper mentions that the annual number of Mining World, which is published in Chicago, has a write-up about gold mining in Swauk.
Meaghersville citizens are rehearsing for a play called "A Noble Outcast." There are 7 characters, 5 of whom are the Harkness family and the other 2 are C.E. Parker and W.S. Brown. Play is on February 3rd.
A.A. Brann, manager and stockholder in the only hydraulic plant in Swauk, has put in 2 miles of flume and pipe and tapped the Swauk.
Fred Zentner, the cigar manufacturer, has materially increased the facilities of his factory during the past week and now employs 2 of the most competent cigar makers procurable.
Over 100 lots have been sold on the south side of the river.
Advertisement comments about Cle Elum as a garden spot of the Northwest. Resources unlimited in the products of the soil and mines. Article gives a breakdown of advantages.
On January 27th, the Harkness Orchestra of the Swauk will give a grand ball in the opera house.
Green River Hot Springs by Lester hold health and happiness for all who suffer. Water is 139 degrees. Run by Fr. J. S. Kloeber. Proprietor Kloeber calls the building the "Kloeber."
Coal is king. Region is crowded with orders.
Order of Eastern Star organized in Cle Elum with membership at 19.
The public hall donated by people of the district in Meaghersville is not done. Subscriptions to finish the hall are being taken.
Walter J. Reed honored by citizens. Article has history of Reed. Biographical information also included.