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Annual log roll of the Modern Woodmen of America will take place August first in Cle Elum. There are 20 some camps in the district of Kittitas, Klickitat, Yakima, Franklin, and Benton Counties.
M.M. Cox has accepted a position at Easton, taking charge of W.T. Burcham's business at that place.
Mr. Killson in Meaghersville is irrigating his potatoes.
Liberty area is farming a baseball team.
The wrestling match between Bruce Ashman of Cle Elum and Dan McKenzie of Roslyn was reported to be one of the best matches ever seen in the country. The sparring match between Jack Curley of North Yakima and Sleepy Henry of Roslyn was pulled off…
Small stockowners will contest state leases to big holders.
Two miners employed in Burcham-Kerstetter claim picked up off of bedrock $220 worth of course gold. Consists of about 20 nuggets valued at $5.00 to $79.80.
Magazine "Wonderland" for 1905 comments on beauty spots around Cle Elum. May be published by N.P.R.R. Mr. J.W. Gale, a passenger engineer of N.P. homesteaded on the south side of Lake Kachess near the Narrows. Two cabins were built. One became…
Roster of Cle Elum Ball Team for 1905 follows: John Burke - Captain and Pitcher, Wm. Jones - Pitcher, Bruce Ashman - Short Stop, Bolyard - 1st Base, Arthur Monroe - 2nd Base, Zedler - 3rd Base, Heck William - Left Field, Walter Reed - Center Field,…
In Liberty, John Blomquist is doing fine business with his sawmill.
Cle Elum Band decided to erect a band stand at the north end of Penn. Ave.
Government engineers report that private canal companies have already appropriated the flow of the Yakima River many times over.
C. Nelson was arrested and given a hearing before U.S. Commissioner Daniel B. Payne of Roslyn for selling or giving whiskey to Indian Pete.
Cle Elum Commercial Club wants to promote a mineral exhibit at the Portland Fair. R.A. Barry and W.B. Sides of Cle Elum and A. Stores of Roslyn are in charge.
Cascade Lumber Company's log drive is approaching the end.
J.J. Padden came here from Montana, and along with others, put in a bowling alley. In spring, he was selected to be Cle Elum's band leader.
C.R. Oppenlander, manger of the Roslyn Brewery Co., was in North Yakima where the company's new brewery is being completed.
On Tuesday night, Cascade Company's dams were opened to raise the river over a foot. 100 men engaged in the drive. Will be busy next 4 to 6 weeks.
Lombard and Horsely Dam being constructed by Carl Wright at the outlet of Cle Elum Lake is nearly done. Dam is 200 feet long, 2 feet high, and 15 feet wide. Will raise the lake 1 foot. Object of the construction is to hold a water right for…
First ball game of the season between Roslyn and Cle Elum was played last Sunday. Cle Elum 6, Roslyn 3.