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The Bay View Reading Club met with Miss Kate Lanigan. I.O.O.F. of Cle Elum will give a grand ball on April 26th. Fireman's Ball given.
By-laws of Cle Elum Commercial Club published in local paper.
Social set of Cle Elum attended the Social Hop given by Roslyn Athletic Club in Roslyn Friday evening. A ball at Easton by Easton Dancing Club attracted young people from Cle Elum. Bowling alley run by J.J. and P.F. Padden and O. Allen.
Manager Kennedy of the Cle Elum Baseball Club talks about using local talent rather than hiring players from outside on a wage basis.
Roslyn Athletic Club gave one of their popular dance and card parties. Friday night, February 17th, a game of basketball was played in Roslyn between the University of Washington and the Roslyn Athletic Club.
Report of repairing telephone line in Blewett. W.H. Resburg is postmaster of Blewett. He has telephone office and stationary, confectionary, tobacco, etc.
Katchess Lodge No. 107 K. of P. gave their annual ball this evening. Cle Elum Fraternal Order of Eagles to give grand ball on March 22nd to celebrate first year of organization.
Theo Wilkinson leader of the Cle Elum Band moved to Weir, Kansas.
Article discusses Gun Club.
Roslyn Aerie of Eagles celebrated 6th anniversary.
Cle Elum winter weather analyzed.
25 men reported working for the La Rica Mining Co. in Blewett District. C.B. Kellson is a grocer in Meaghersville.
Quick Silver mines bonded in Cle Elum Mining District. Known as old Keystone property. I.N. Rice of Spokane bonded $400,000 and deposited $60,000 for developing property.
James A. Kellogg, local banker, accused of crime by prosecutor Austin Mires. Kellogg's bank was insolvent.
The Athletic Club gave a ball and basketball game contest last night. Ladies at home of Mrs. Louis Speaker, played "Pit." Young men from Cle Elum and Roslyn attended the "Bachelor Boys" dance in Ellensburg.
Mr. Leopold Schmidt of Olympia beer fame and Henry Schupp, manager of Bellingham Brewery, closed a contract to construct an ice plant.
Last week was -7 degrees below zero. The average for 6 days has been 15 degrees above zero. This week, the temperatures were as follows: Mon 0, Tues -3, Weds 5, Thurs and Fri - unknown.
Notice of sale of Hazelwood Bakery to Joseph Schober announced by John Gecomini.
Perrow and Barnett are building a cold storage plant for the Schlitz Brewing Company. The structure will be used for storing Milwaukee beer.
The bowling alley put in by Padden and Allen is meeting with a popular reception.