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Considerable discussion is included about James A. Kellogg Bank. Bank is closed until trustees can decide what to do. Legal questions also included. E.A. Mears appeared in town talking about a bank in Roslyn and assumed control of the Kellogg…
Robert A. Wilcox of Easton has opened a law office in Easton.
Last Sunday it was 95 degrees, Monday 96, and Tuesday night 45.
Article contains a rundown on the results of the contests.
The First State Bank has been incorporated here. Judge Thomas L. Gamble, L.S. Brown, D.B. Burcham, R.L. Latimer, H. Fish, W.B. Sides, M.C. Miller and the Empire State Trust Co. have subscribed for stock.
The clerks of the N.W.I. Co. of Roslyn and Cle Elum filled in for the game last Sunday. 1,000 people attended. Score was 18 to 14 in favor of Cle Elum.
Article gives a resume about what changes have taken place in Cle Elum since 1902. Topics include water, streets and sidewalks, city farm of 160 acres, 2 fire houses. Cle Elum is incorporated as a town on February 19, 1902 becomes a city December…
A list of events by the Cle Elum Rod and Gun Club is given. A program announcement also given with prizes listed.
Log drive has reached Yakima. Drive is estimated to contain some 14,000,000 feet. Mill cuts from 50,000 to 60,000 feet per day.
Paper mentions that the Washington State Historical Society in 1899 began a collection of state newspapers. Echo was a contributor.
Last year Roslyn mines produced 1,032,530 tons of coal and Cle Elum 351,400 tons.
Employees of N.W.I. Co. in Roslyn and Cle Elum have voted to build a hospital. Plans call for a $40,000 building. Roslyn voted 800 for and 60 against, while Cle Elum voted 420 for and 11 against.
Editor Chas. A. Fell prints an article about Swauk from direct interview. Placer diggings discovered in Swauk and Williams Creek in 1868. Approximately 300 miners at work there now. History of Swauk in Bulletin No. 213 by Department of Interior. …
A fine program by local talent under the direction of Mr. J.R. Parilla will be presented in Thomas Bros. Hall.
W.H. Oldham and a few of the Blue Masons are meeting in the hall over Jones' store to institute a home lodge.
The Italian band of Roslyn came down yesterday and serenaded the town from the band stand.
Sides Bros. and Hartman plan to build a hall 60 x 70 with an 18 foot ceiling and a gallery. Estimated cost is $12,000. House will seat at least 800 people.
Thomas Bryant, manager of Thomas Bros. Hall, had some new stage scenery made.
The Cle Elum Fruit store received the first consignment of strawberries shipped to Cle Elum. Store is run by C.W. Badger.
The Teanaway is higher than it has been in years, particularly on account of log jams at several points. Hundreds of logs have been forced far up on the land which will cost a considerable amount.