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Prosser and all the lower Yakima are suffering a fuel (coal and wood) shortage.
The Thorp Theatrical Troupe will produce in the near future the famous drama "Won Back."
The Cascade Canal Co. has unloaded 115 cars of lumber at Thorp to be used in constructing the flume opposite Thorp.
At north end of Lake Keechelus is located the Flannigan Mining Company. Tramway 0.75 miles long built to north end of the lake. A Naphtha launch takes one across the lake to the south shore where a 3 mile tramway takes one to Martin.
Editorial by Chas S. Fell calling the county commissioners to support moving county bridge on Yakima a half a mile west of the business center of Cle Elum.
The Summit Coal Co., 1 mile north of Cle Elum, will extend its tramway from the mine to a point about 1 mile west of town on the Roslyn branch. Tramway extends from mine to a point about a mile west of town on the Roslyn branch. The improvements…
The Fortune Mine organized by G.W. Daines in the Fortune and Camp Creek area can't move its ore without good transportation. Great Northern at Leavenworth offered to build a rail line if 300 ton of ore were contracted each day.
Arrival of 2 hose carts together with 800 feet of Victor 2.5 inch double jacketed fire hose. Carts cost $250.00 and hose $480.00. With an efficient fire department we can look for a sufficient reduction in insurance.
The building is frame 30 x 50, two full stories, with hose tower sufficient to string out all the hose needed.
A letter by Mrs. J.E. Webb attacks county commissioners and city government for issuing liquor licenses. Roslyn is viewed as a wide-open town.
Summit Coal Mining Co. owns 80 acres of coal lands. 30 men at work on a tramway. Tramway will cost $15,000. The company owns a vein of coal a short distance away from Martin.
Gallaher Mining and Milling Co. consists of well-known businessmen of Roslyn. Property is at the head of the middle fork of Fortune Creek and on headwaters of the Teanaway River. Money raised by selling 500,000 shares at 15 cents per share. For…
A safe of the latest pattern, made of manganese steel, cast in one piece, and weighing more than 4,000 pounds, is described. There are six bolts that fasten the door on the inside of the solid steel of the body of the safe, which is locked by a…
On August 31, 1903, a fire department in Cle Elum was organized. Chief of the department was C.H. Haines. Money for the department was donated by the business community. List of names given for the 2 companies.
The bottling works established about a year ago is to be moved to Snohomish. The Roslyn house will supply Cle Elum trade.
The Cascade Lumber Co. have a crew of men working at the headquarters of the Yakima River constructing dams for regulating the flow during the log drive season. Crew working at Nelson Siding to put river bed and banks in shape.
Cle Elum Rod and Gun Club moved into a new club house at Recreation Park. A list of the shooting activities follows as well as participants.
Cascade Canal will use Yakima River water and will irrigate about 14,000 acres. Canal when completed will cost $150,000 and will be 22 feet across and 4 feet deep.
Mr. Kellogg leased the building now occupied by the Methodist Church.
Obituary column about John Reed.