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Cases of pilfering came so numerous at Easton lately that the railroad company found it necessary to put a detective on the grounds.
Eight more cattle were killed by a train above town last Tuesday night.
The Sure Thing Copper Mining and Smelting Co. discovered an ore called chal-copper-pyrite with a black oxide.
A big forest fire has been raging around Big Creek.
The Cascade Lumber Co. has obtained 20,000 acres of timber land in the area. Timber will be taken down the river to North Yakima. Easton sawmill has been purchased. Option on Wright Bros. mill at Ellensburg.
Outlaw Harry Tracy commits suicide near the Eddy Farm in Creston, Washington. Reward from Salem, Oregon was $4,100, from the State of Oregon $1,500, from the State of Washington $2,500, and from F.D. Ferrell, brother of one of the guards killed by…
The Cle Elum Trans-Pacific Vaudeville Co. all home talent, gave an excellent show at Thomas Bros. Hall last Saturday.
The basketball girls have moved their place of action from the picnic grounds to the end of Penn. Ave.
Michael McBride and C.O. Johnson took a drive up to Easton Tuesday. Mac claims he saw Tracy on the road.
Agent Morgan sold 310 tickets to Cle Elum on the 4th. Eight trains were run to and from here during the day.
4th of July results report that the Indians got most of the money in the horse races.
Agent Morgan says that over 500 tickets were sold from Roslyn to Cle Elum during June.
Andrew D. Olmstead, owner of the "Edna R" mine just made discovery along Fortune Creek. Additional miners and claims follow.
Quite a bit of smoke over the neighborhood since forest fires have been raging.
4th of July celebration will have several selections by the Cle Elum Glee Club.
Cascade Lumber Co. in North Yakima will produce fruit boxes and will require timber from Cle Elum area. (Same entry as June 25, 1902).
4th of July events are listed. Among these are shooting match, bowery dance, Indian horse race, and fireworks.
Easton will soon be enabled to boast of having one of the best ball teams between Nelson and Martin with Hiram S. Pelton as manager. Names of team members follow.
Eddie Kyer, champion lightweight of Easton, was knocked out by Old Yellowstone in the 15th round. Was a 20 round contest.
The Cle Elum box factory shipped a car load of box material over to Puyalup.