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Committee of citizens met some Japanese laborers coming in to the city and asked them to leave.
Albert Van Epps, manager of Nelson and Munroe Mines on Fortune Creek, says its easier to haul from Leavenworth than from Cle Elum.
M.C. Miller bought 160 acres of timber from Oscar Cash last Monday.
Editorial by the Echo is critical of the Cle Elum city council in delaying action on a public water supply.
Water taken from a well in the city is reported to be teeming with worms and insects.
A new brand of cigar manufactured by the Roslyn Cigar Factory called "Cle Elum Rose" is being marketed in the area.
In spring of 1893 Charles Homer, James Smith, Isaac Davies, and Oscar James organized the Cle Elum Coal Co. The Operation had trouble due to discrimination in freight rates.
The I.O.O.F. of Thorp will celebrate its 5th anniversary.
Cle Elum City Band will meet at John Crositti's place. Officers and members are: Joe Gagliartie - President; Antonio Satoria - Secretary; Dominico Bergagria, John Gasilino Jourdona, Matasiri Calosero, Furnette Tamar, John Roncoketta - Members.
New opera house to open in Cle Elum on March 31st. Special trains arranged from Roslyn and North Yakima to Cle Elum. 150 people attended to see "Great Catastrophe" by the Cle Elum Theatrical Club.
The Sunset Telephone Co. has just finished putting in a local exchange of about 20 phones.
Discussion concerning the merits of a public water supply are discussed between C.H. Freeman, Echo Editor, and Walter J. Reed.
The Cascade Canal Company is planning to divert water above Cle Elum on the Yakima River to irrigate land lying north and east of Ellensburg.
Cle Elum's future began with the railroads. Tom Johnson built and operated one of the first sawmills in Kittitas County. A fire in July 1891 destroyed area from First Street to Railroad Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue. Cle Elum had 400 people in…
January 1902 will go on record as the coldest month since the record has been kept here. Article has numerous statistics.
Cle Elum citizens can buy a 24 oz. loaf of bread for 5 cents.
Liquor dealers in Roslyn imported C.B. Reynolds to lecture on their point of view concerning Temperance agitation in the city.
Temperance Union of Roslyn launched a crusade to close saloons on Sunday. The City Council refused to take action on this matter.
Culver mining company is described as having the first bucket tramway in Washington. Cable runs 2,197 feet from terminal station to first ridge. The second is 1,750 feet. Cable weighs approximately 6 tons and will hold 4.5 tons of ore in…
A report by E.P. Boyles, recorder, gives the history of the claims in the area. The I.I.U., Haw and Ida Elmore, were filed by S.S. Hawkins and Mose Splawn in 1881. Peshastin was prospected in 1862 and worked until 1875 by S. Culver. The Swauk was…