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Temperance Union in Roslyn is protesting liquor and sports (prize fighting).
Cle Elum business is felling the depression.
Theudolt, a medicine-man from Thorp, met at Indian Johnny Baker's place for a celebration. (same entry as for January 02, 1892 above)
Article is an eyewitness account by Mrs. James Masterton describing early settlement in upper county. Description of the winter of 1880-1881 follows with names of early settlers (Virden, Mach, Seaton) mentioned. Logging and coming of railroad…
Theudolt, a medicine-man from Thorp, met at Indian Johnny Baker's place for a celebration.
The Northern Pacific Coal Co. is presently employing 1,085 men, highest to date. Payroll to Dec 1 is $611,533.50. Highest pay month is December at $84,648.35. Lowest pay month is $33,718.80. Coal is reached at a depth of 550 feet.
Survey party plans to divert water from the Yakima 2 miles below Cle Elum to irrigate some 40,000 acres of land in the Ellensburg area.
Paper takes the position that local range is for the local people and sheep herders should stay out. Paper blames herders for forest fires in the area. Paper asks the county commissioners to take restrictive action.
Paper editorializes the need for a road to Wenatchee via Swauk. Advantage would create prosperity in the Cle Elum area.
Reports are given that 5 to 25 acres on the ranches have been planted to potatoes. The market isn't too good. Figures by James D. Seaton on what is produced in the immediate are given.
Northern Pacific Coal Co. concluded a contract with the Union Pacific system. Production will relieve money situation in the area.
Sheepherders are reported to have nearly destroyed the best ranges in the Swauk and Upper Teanaway. Ranchers are protesting to the county commissioners.
Roslyn and Ronald produce more coal than all the other mines in the state combined. Mines are owned by North Pacific Coal Co. It supplies the entire Northern Pacific system west of Helena.
Forest fires in the Northwestern part of Kittitas were set by Indians to drive out the game. A large kill of deer and bear is reported.
Thomas Brazil killed a rattlesnake in the Wenatchee measuring 4.5 feet long and 11 inches around. It had 27 rattles. Peter Nelson at Nelson's Siding killed a cinnamon bear. Dressed it weighed 450 pounds. Bears so numerous in Swauk that ranchers…
Glowing reports on the productivity of natural resources in the area. Paper quotes that 250,000 could live here. Much attention is given to the good roads in the area.
Sickness is sweeping Roslyn and Ronald. Blame is placed on impure water. Beer traffic has picked up. Children were reported swimming in the reservoir.
Near the head of William's Creek is the claim of Geo. Virden. Assay shows $2,500 to the ton. A mile west is the Fairy Queen owned by J.P. Love of Ellensburg. Seaton's Gold Leaf mine is nearby.
Pacific Investment Co. will be unable to develop its interests here due to the scarcity of money and the poor iron market.
Indian John filed for damages ($1,000) against Northern Pacific for the death of Little Indian Johnnie.