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Getchell and Blewett of the Gold Leaf Mine placed G.M. Seaton in charge.
15 men will be put to work on the iron properties of the Pacific Investment Co. near Fish Lake.
Evans and Co. plan to cut 1,000,000 board feet of timber on the Taylor claim. Log drive with 12 men and 6 horses headed for Seaton's Mill.
Tribune reprints an article from the Bugle advertising for women to marry bachelors in the Teanaway. Names of bachelors included.
Fred Steiner brought suit against August Sasse and Charley Yune to recover damages caused by hogs. A jury in Justice Gamble's court rendered a verdict.
Settlers in the Easton area were protesting the tolls collected by the Walla Walla and Seattle Turnpike Company.
The tribune printed an article from the Oregonian which the Trib called a proper sentiment. Article views East Europeans as vicious aliens and depraved.
Founder of the Grand Entry Mine near South Cle Elum, Patrick Twomey, is interviewed by the Tribune. Twomey describes geography and wildlife in upper county. Mineral development, irrigation and water power are commented on. S.R. Geddes of…
The Cle Elum Land and Improvement Co. is selling lots. Erection of a glass factory, rolling mill, and nail factory are planned. City is 1.5 miles from the Grand Entry Mine.
Cle Elum Water Power and Manufacturing Company has been incorporated with Walter J. Reed, Theron Stafford, Wm. Branam, Edward Connell, and Thomas L. Gamble as trustees. Plans of company are given.
Tribune printed an article from the Oregonian which the Tribune called a proper sentiment. Article views East Europeans as vicious. Alien and depraved.
P. Gassman and James Grieve are opening a mine on the upper Cle Elum River near Fish Lake. G. Wintz and Geo. Hampton are developing several quartz ledges in the Swauk District. Getchel and Blewett have purchased the Gold Leaf Mine on Williams…
August Sassa purchased the Nes Jasen ranch of 160 acres on the Swauk. Sassa has discovered a quartz vein. Thomas Johnson contested ownership of the O'Donahue mine now owned by Warner Brothers of Seattle. Placer mining is growing in the Swauk, Cle…
Ranchers are reported to be planting a portion of their land to wheat and potatoes instead of hay.
Latest contract reveals that Roslyn miners work an 8 hr. shift and make an average of about $3 per shift. Prior to this contract there was labor unrest. Union Pacific is reported to have reduced its coal contract causing 4 day work weeks on the…
Tacoma chamber of commerce is reported to be advertising the economic potential of the Cle Elum ore A description of the article appears in Cle Elum Tribune describing iron deposits. An English syndicate has a contract with Northern Pacific R.R. to…
Seaton Bros are reported to be getting ready for their drive . 1,500,00 board feet are ready. E. H. Evens is negotiating sale of his sawmill to W. F. Zeek who will move it to Cle Elum.
A canal was proposed to connect Cle Elum with Lake Cle Elum. Generation of power as a well as a reliable water supply would insure economic development. Several industries are listed.
The Grand Entre mine located near South Cle Elum is reported to contain one of the richest deposits of ore. Quantity is practically inexhaustible.
Settlement is reported being held up by delays in surveying and land speculators. Reports on the droughts and crop failures in the Midwest are encouraging farmers to move to Washington.