Ellensburg Daily Record


“Ellensburg Daily Record ,” Brooks Library Digital Collections, accessed January 31, 2015, http://digital.lib.cwu.edu/items/show/2477.

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Ellensburg Daily Record


Profile for 1910


Recreation and Cle Elum Band. There were 2 bands, a city band led by George Moss and an Italian band led by Mike Briskey. In about 1910 they merged together with Chris Alderson as leader. Band members were as follows: Celest Canori, M. Barton, Mickey and John O'Ban, John Hawks, John Moccom, John Lera, Henry and Lige Burge, Jim Bertello, Charles Moffett, George Moss, Joe and John Bausano, Steve Oversby, George Menegal, Walt Steele, Dominick and Jack Querio, Tommy Chapman, Pete and Frank Genaser, Albert Pistorezi, Pete Tenino, and Frank Koester. Steve Oversby let for a time but Jim Bertello took over during W.W.I. Bertello passed away in 1952.


1953 July